IQinVision Vicon-security corp.

Currently part of Vicon-Security corp.

IQinVision is a manufacturer of network cameras, IP cameras, and network video recording (NVR) systems.[1] The company was founded in 1998.[2] The company is headquartered in San Juan Capistrano, California, and it has offices in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and Utrecht, Netherlands.[3]

IQinVision brands its cameras under the term “IQeye” and the cameras it produces can act as stand-alone surveillance systems or integrate with other systems via an API or Software Developer’s Kit for full-custom applications. For example, IQeye camera integrate with many popular third party network video recorder applications such as those by companies like Aimetis, Genetec, Milestone, ONSSI, Mirasys and many others.

IQinVision brands megapixel IP cameras under its own name as well as under OEM models.

IQinVision developed innovation

1999 CMOS Progressive Scan Network Camera
1999 Power-over Ethernet Security Camera
2000 Live Digital PTZ
2003 HDTV Images / Digital Image Cropping
2003 No-Client-Software Recording/Playback
2004 Multi-Megapixel IP Network Camera
2005 On-Camera Image Authentication
2007 PoE Weatherproof Megapixel Network Camera
2008 Fully-Integrated Vandal-Resistant Multi-Megapixel Dome Network Camera