Pady do składania podpisu

Signotec Delta

Use the signotec Delta to accurately capture the signature on a stationary system with a large 25.5cm (10.1″) full-color display, perfect for displaying full documents at the point of sale (POS).

The signotec Delta Signature Pad is designed for applications where it is important to be able to read complete documents before signing them. A4-documents are displayed in their original width. You can comfortably scroll through the document by using the pen. You can start the downward (or upward) document sliding only by brushing the screen with the pen tip. This motion will start the screen scrolling. It is the ideal solution for banks, government agencies as well as for companies where complex documents must be read before signing.

However, the technique used is unique. Unlike other 10-inch devices on the market, the signotec Delta Signature Pad is a true signature pad and not a simple monitor extension. The signotec Delta has the same SDK as all other signotec Signature Pads and is also integrated in all applications. What are the advantages of this? As an integrator and developer, you can fully interact with the pad: Download PDF documents to the pad, create your own graphics, images and texts, create buttons and capture the signature in various formats. At the same time, you benefit from the highest security standards when collecting and transferring signature data.

The signotec Delta pad can be placed on the desk in a space-saving manner or can be brought into an oblique position with its integrated stand. In addition, it comes with a 75 VESA- mounting fixture for mounting on third-party VESA mounts. There are two pen holders for the best ergonomics and the respective application: either horizontally above the device or inclined to the user.


  • Special, hardened glass surface for a precise pen input
  • ERT-Sensor (only reacts to the pen)
  • Life expectancy of about 30 million signatures
  • Large 25.5 cm (10,1″) full-colour LCD
  • Batteryless special pen with changeable tip
  • Display in original width (A4) with scroll function
  • SlideShow with up to 16 images
  • 2.048 pressure levels
  • 500 Hz sampling rate
  • Highest security through unique security features and RSA encryption
  • Individual design possibilities (colors and logos)

Signotec Gamma

Use the signotec Gamma to accurately capture the signature on a stationary system with a large 12.5cm (5″) full-colour display, perfect for the paperless point of sale (POS).

The LCD Signature Pad signotec Gamma is already the fourth Signature Pad for capturing handwritten electronic signatures, which was completely independently developed and which combines over 15 years of development, experience and competence. With external dimensions of 145 x 177 x 12 mm it is very compact and sets new standards in design and functionality. This device provides the ideal platform for a robust customer-facing eSignature architecture.

The ultra-flat Signature Pad is convincing with its innovative sensor surface made of special toughened glass with ER-Technology, as well as its high-resolution full-colour display, which makes the excellent display of graphic and text information possible. The ER-Technology is suitable for on-screen hand writing, it is only sensitive to the ERT-Stylus, not influence by hand touch, no erroneous input.

The ERT (electromagnetic resonance technology) implements a powerful non-contact handwriting input guarantee an outstanding quality of the signature capturing on the pad – with the particularity, that from now on even movements of the pen in mid-air can be captured. This special batteryless pen with exchangeable tips is capturing 1.024 pressure stages. The signotec Gamma’s construction ensures an extremely long service life of 30 million signatures, and unbeatable durability with the highest security.

  • Special, hardened glass surface for a precise pen input
  • ERT-Sensor (only reacts to the pen)
  • Life expectancy of about 30 million signatures
  • Large 12.5 cm (5″) full-colour LCD
  • Batteryless special pen with changeable tip
  • SlideShow with up to 10 images
  • 1.024 pressure levels
  • 500 Hz sampling rate
  • Highest security through unique security features and RSA encryption
  • Individual design possibilities (colors and logos)

Pad Alpha

The Alpha Pad is the newest product from the signotec development department. It differs substantially from his two brothers “Sigma” and “Omega”. That affects not only the size, but rather the technology regarding to capture the coordinates of the pen and even the parameters for processing.

Thanks to its display size of 15,6″ it is the only Signature Pad on the market, which has the ability to display A4-documents in their original size.
In doing so its not just a monitor extension, but rather a “real” Signature Pad like Sigma and Omega with the same powerfu,l free of charge programming interface.

Even the requirement of the written form, which is e.g. essential for loan agreements, can be fulfilled with the Alpha Pad:
The signee places the original document on the Pad and then signs both, the original and the digital document, simultaneously via digital blueprint.

If the paper document is not required as a result of the principle of freedom of contract, the ballpoint pen cartridge can simply be replaced with a plastic one.
It is then possible to electronically sign full-page documents directly on the high-resolution display.

Large pen pads are highly sought after by users who want to display complex documents that have to be signed.
Delivery notes with several items or multi-page contracts that you can scroll are just two examples.
Standard pen pads are just too small for this. While there are already large devices on the market that enable signing,
these are usually just monitor extensions where the signer still sees all the other applications running on it.

To make the displayed content remain privat, the Device is provided with a “privacy viewing” technology”.
Thanks to that the cotent is protectet against prying eyes.

The Pad stands out through its plane surface, consisting of hardened mineral glass.
To attach further devices, there are 2 USB-ports on the back of the device.

You are able to “print” documents directly into your Pad and sign them on the spot.
The signature is going to be placed exactly on the same position in the electronic document as on the pad.
So there is no need of configuring signature boxes.

The Alpha is going to be connected via USB or Ethernet. So it can directly be used on the PC or in the LAN.
Of course there is also an Alpha version for a terminal server environment.

If the Pad is not in use, it´s also suitable as an excellent advertising medium for slide shows, thanks to its huge internal storage which also chaches statistic content.

A further advantage is the open VESA-bore, located on the back (VESA MIS-D 100C, 100x100mm) for easy mounting.

Signotec Pad Sigma

The signotec LCD Signature Pad “Sigma” is the little brother of the successful Signature Pad “Omega”. The “Sigma” is a device to signatures, fully developed by signotec and made in Germany, with an unbeatable price-performance ratio. Measuring just 160 x 120 x 10 mm, it is extremely compact and therefore ideal for the mobile use. When used stationary it still shines with it’s flat contruction and the optional pen holder.

    The Sigma signature pad sets a new standard for electronic signature capture devices, in terms of its size and the resolution of the display. Among the device’s unique features, are the outstanding display of graphics and text, the technical properties for digitising signatures, its extremely flat design and, above all, its smooth surface and a sensor flushed with the housing. This design enables signing to be highly ergonomic. The rounded sides also allow the heel of the hand to pass fluidly from the device to the table without disrupting the signing process.

    The high sensor rate also allows for sweeping signatures, without the user inadvertently reaching the limits of the sensor. This is vital to ensure that the signature is captured naturally and securely. Furthermore, extensive graphical and textual information can be displayed, which often plays an important role in stationary use. As a result, the pad is also an inexpensive alternative for stationary applications.

    The transfer of data from the pad to PC is encrypted, tehreby it is not possible to spy on the biometric features of the signature. Since the electronics, firmware, drivers and applications have been developed by signotec itself, the hardware and software are matching perfectly.

Signotec Pad Omega

tThe signotec LCD signature pad “Omega” is the big brother of the successful “Sigma”. A signature capture device “Made in Germany” fully developed and produced by signotec with an unparalleled price/performance ratio. With outside dimensions of 180 x 191 x 15 mm it is extremely compact with an especially appealing design. This device allows you to set clear trends at your POS.

The powerful signature pad captivates with a flat surface without edges between sensor and case, for ultra-ergonomic signing. Pen and sensor convey a feeling similar to writing on paper. Plus, the rounded sides allow the heel of the hand to transition smoothly from signature tablet to table, without disrupting the signing process. The pen itself has the size and feel of an actual ballpoint pen and works entirely without electronics and power supply. Replacing the passive pen is inexpensive and the pad can continue to be used if the pen is lost.

The outside of the Omega can be customised to meet the customer’s wishes, in any colour, and even be imprinted with the customers logo.