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08-producent1..signotec was founded in the year 2000 and is market and technology leader in the sector of electronic signatures via pen-pad or tablet-PC. With signotec´s products the user is able to sign as usual, also digitally, optimize business processes, avoid media breaks, authenticate persons and create legally compliant documents. Electronic documents being signed in this way can be checked always, everywhere and by everybody without any technical complexity. With signotec signature solutions, signing remains as simple and safe as it has always been. Signing, though, takes place directly within the electronic document. So cost-intensive media breaks due to the use of paper can be prevented, and electronic documents are protected by the digital signature and can be verified.

Made in Germany

It is evident, that quality is always achieved by first class working conditions and sensible wage regulation. It is also the result of sound education and training, fair payment and highly motivated employees. Our products, which satisfy high security and environmental standards, never fail to surpass the products of our competitors. These factors are always welcomed by our customers all over the world. Because of that, job positions of our employees are secure.

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signotec is technology leader for the continuous electronic handling of business processes, which rationalise document management, activate saving potentials and grant highest security. Our success is based on a distinct understanding of our customers requirements, their staff and business processes, strong partners and innovative concepts.

„The integration of the handwritten electronic signature in daily workflows is not a „nice to have“ anymore“. „Our professional, system-integrative signature solutions are user optimized, easy to install and allow, even direct at the point of sale, the complete digitalisation and rationalisation of processes that require a signature“, says Arne Brandes. „Medication-disposal, patient consent or test logs in the agriculture, service reports for the servicing of industrial machines, for signing delivery notes in the HGV-dispatch up to the application- and contract system for financial institutes, areas of operation are everywhere“, supplemented by Gunther Hagner. German and international industry customers, trade chains and -corporations, financial institutions, numerous institutes of the Sparkassen Finanzgruppe as well as the Volks- and Raiffeisenbank, insurances and broker.

In Poland the distributor of signotec is our official partner the company: PRIMAR – Information Technology from Warsaw.