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PRIMAR – IT company exists in the IT sector of Polish market since 1994. We offer a wide range of IT products and solutions for business companies as well as public domain institutions. We implement the latest technologies and standards to meet our customer’s IT needs perfectly. Our aim is to provide our customers with full range of IT services. Among others we provide our customers with the following services:

Hardware and software supplies and installations
Design, installation and maintenance of LAN cabling systems
Computer network security systems: FireWall, Anti-Virus, Anti-Sprm, IDS/IPS
Remote access systems: connection encryption, VPN
Implementation of office and business applications and systems
Technical supervision and support
Service care and IT systems administration
IT Consulting

We guarantee:

Decrease of information service costs

Fast help each time you have a problem

Team of professionals will resolve each technical problem

PRIMAR is a private company operating according to the Polish Business Law. We specializes in importing to Poland information technology products, computers and telecommunications equipment.

The company is involved in sales, support, installations and services across Poland of computer products (hardware and software) and computers network technologies (LAN and WAN).

Our company offers finished user’s applications designed for the automatization of all kind of office work ( word editors, spreadsheets, registers, databases,) and servicing sales and accounting departments as well as managing and informing the management (reports, specification, analyses, etc.). If the need arises we offer also programs designed to your order, which will be adapted to your needs to a maximum. Our team of software designers creates also new applications as well as adapt the existing ones to requirements of a client.

Our aim is a complex service of a customer , starting from a project of computerizing the firm, through the delivery of hardware and software and training of prospective computer users and servicing the computer system of the firm . Our offer consists of the following items:

Analysis of needs and possibilities of realizing a computer network and system in firm and selection of an appropriate solution
Preparation of a computer network project considering the existing and future customer needs, requirements and technical conditions
Installation of structure cabling systems (cat. 5+ , 6) in office rooms, including any necessary modifications of the electricity installation in accordance with requirements of the computer network
Delivery and installation of servers, computers, printers and all types of technical and office equipment and accessories, necessary to be included in the computer network (routers, switches, print servers, converters, scanners, copiers, etc.).
Installation and starting a proper software on all the computers to work in the network
Testing of the computer network operation and training of a person managing the network and its users
Installation of software and users applications aiming at the automatization of all the office , engineering , accounting , secretary and other works (word editors, spreadsheet, software for accounting , sales , warehouse , management , etc. ).
Supervision over the exploitation of the network and servicing the computers and software installed in your firm.
Assistance and services in any future extension and modification of the computer systems, which will become more and more advanced and increased as your firm will develop.
We are aiming in our counsels to choose solutions, they are adapted to customers needs and simultaneously, it will be possible in future to develop the existing systems without any loss of invested funds.

PRIMAR distinguishes itself in the marketplace by providing complete solutions to business information management and office organization problems. Its skillful staff of engineers and technicians provides the customer with an in- depth analysis of its needs, supplies, installation and maintenance of the office hardware and software

We provide high-quality software and hardware

Computers: Dell, HP, IBM, Triline, Adax
Printers: HP, Epson, OKI, Xerox, Lexmark, Canon
SAN and NAS Storage: EMC, HP, IBM, QNAP, NetApp
Network: Cisco, HP, Juniper, NetGear, D-Link
Software: Microsoft, VMware, Novell, Symantec, Lotus, Corel


We install structure cabling systems cat. 5, 5+, 6, computer network cabling systems and Ethernet, Fast-Ethernet, Giga-Ethernet,TokenRing, FDDI, ATM etc. network hardware.


Systems: Novell Netware, Windows XP / 2003 / 2000 / NT , IBM LAN Server, Linux , Solaris…


We provide and configure operating systems, anti virus protection, internet access, network protection systems, UTM, AntiSpam systems, Web filtering systems, Content Security systems, network faxing systems, workgroup systems, e-mail systems, data archive and storage systems, scanners and OCR systems, business applications etc…


Servicing contracts, constant network and computer system care, short failure response time, possibility of providing replacement hardware for the time of repair

Our company has the following advantages in the field of information technology and servicing:

We cooperate, as Authorized Partners or Dealers, with large computer hardware and up to date information technology suppliers such as: TechData, ABC Data / CHS, AB, Incom, S4E, Alstor, Veracomp… etc.,
We have Intel IPI and Intel e-Business Network certificates,
We are certified authorized Microsoft Partner, HP Partner, IBM Partner, Cisco Partner,
We are authorized TOSHIBA computer and notebook Reseller,
Our employees were trained by the authorized service of IBM Poland,
We are a member of HP Supplies Reseller Programme (we sell original supplies for HP hardware)
We are trained and certified by suppliers of network hardware: 3Com, Cisco and HP ProCurve,
Amongst our employees are people with several years of experience in the field of servicing, operating and installing of computer systems and the following certificates and diplomas:
Microsoft MS Windows Server Administrator
Microsoft Windows Server Preinstallation Specialist
Lotus Notes System Administrator
Novell Networking and Internet Solution for Small Business
Sales training for HP, IBM Circle Partner, Ricoh, (etc.) products
We have experience in integrating different computer platforms and systems such as: Windows NT/200/2003/2008, IBM LAN Server, OS/2, Windows XP/Windows 7, Linux , Solaris
Presently we are servicing several large and medium companies and the several years long servicing contracts clearly say, that Our Clients are satisfied with the quality of our services